This I believe.

    I believe that being the best person you can be, whether its nice, kind, giving, or sweet, can get you far in life. Take my friend, Mike Sweeney, for example. The man is a hero. He’s a stud at baseball, he loves the Lord, and takes so much out of his life to help people. Charities, family fund raisers, anything you can think of that helps people, he does. Everytime I meet with him at a game, he cheers me up to the fullest. He has this radiant smile and he’s the nicest man you could ever meet.

    Growing up, I was a Kansas City Royals fan. I knew they weren’t the greatest team, but me liking them came naturally, being born in Missouri and all. I don’t even remember what made this player so significant, but for as long as I can remember, the first baseman, number 29, Mike Sweeney has been my favorite player of all time. Because I liked him so much, I’ve worn the number 29 on everything I’ve been able too, customizable jerseys, All-Star jerseys, you name it, it’s my favorite number. 

    One day when I was visiting my hometown, Kansas City, I went to the family-owned business, Goetze. I’ve visited there since I was a little, so I knew almost everyone there. The last person I see is my uncle, who owns the place. We had our small talk, we asked how each other are, at the end we said goodbye, the usual “family-visit” talk. Luckily, I had been wearing my Special Edition Sweeney jersey that I was super proud of, because when I turned around Uncle Don said, “A Sweeney Jersey, eh?”


“I’m having dinner with him this Thursday.” I freaked. Out. I warned him that he’d better get me an autograph for me or else I’d have his sister beat him for me.

    Later that week, it was a typical dinner night at the McConnell residence, when the phone rang. It was my uncle with news that I could not believe. He was sitting next to the best baseball player ever, Mike Sweeney, and I was lucky enough to speak to him. We, as in I, talked for about 20 minutes on how excited I was. He asked me to be his special guest at the Rangers game in August. Of course, I was.

    Every time I’ve seen him he has made me smile like none other, whether he’s signing something for me, quoting my favorite Bible verse, Matt. 5:16, or taking pictures with me. He’s even invited me to charity baseball camps. He may quite possibly be the nicest person I’ve ever met. It has just been the greatest experience I have ever had. The point is, despite how popular one is, I believe being generous, caring, or whatever the word may be, will get you so much farther in life, than just knowing people and being stuck up or snotty most days. No matter what you do for other people, it makes a difference to the whole world.


~ by jmam29 on August 25, 2010.

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